Recruiting Showcases

Tue, Aug 21st, 2018

A great way to get in front of college coaches is to attend recruiting workouts, combines and showcases throughout the season. We have assembled a list of these below. Attending these events is not covered by your club fee and have no relationship with any of these providers; we are simply making the information available.

January 20 – Carolinas Volleyball Showcase Camp (Raleigh, NC)
January 26 – Hampton Headliner Recruiting Showcase (Hampton, VA)
February 2 – Central Zone College Showcase (Indianapolis, IN)
February 9 – Orlando Showcase
February 20 – New England Volleyball Showcase Camp  (Hanover, MA)
February 16 – Washington D.C. Showcase
March 9 – Shamrock Showcase  (Roanoke, VA)
March 9 – Bluegrass College Showcase (Louisville, KY)
March 10 – College Volleyball Prospects (Fredericksburg, VA)
March 17 – College Volleyball Prospects (Jessup, MD)
March 29 – Atlanta Showcase
April 5 – Louisville Showcase
May 6 – Showdown in the Smokies College Showcase  (Knoxville, TN)

If you are aware of any recruiting showcases or events that we should be aware of and list here, please contact us.