The BleacherFund

Thu, Aug 17th, 2017

The Columbia Volleyball Club’s BleacherFund is a program to assist families who struggle to meet the financial requirements of youth sports, specifically club volleyball. The club’s Board of Directors established the funds and process for families to apply and receive assistance.

CVC’s BleacherFund is supported by individual and corporate donations as well as fundraisers throughout the season that specifically target the fund for current and future seasons.


A few key facts about the BleacherFund:

  • Only CVC players and families are eligible to receive assistance.
  • Distribution will be made directly to CVC on behalf of the family requesting help.
  • Funds will be distributed based on need and the availability of funds.
  • An application must be completed and submitted to CVC in order to be considered.
  • Assistance will only be applied toward a portion of the respective club fees (Max. 20%)
  • Families with multiple players will be considered individually.

For more information about the BleacherFund or to receive an application for assistance, please contact us.

Donating to the BleacherFund
CVC’s BleacherFund is supported by donations from individuals, families and companies who look to support young athletes and families. Below you’ll find our online payment processor below.

If you’d prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to Columbia Volleyball Club and indicate “BleacherFund” in the memo area of the check. Mail your check to: COLUMBIA VOLLEYBALL CLUB, PO BOX 6071, COLUMBIA, MD 21045-8071.

Click to make a secure ONLINE donation to the BleacherFund.

Please note: Because CVC is not a 501 (c)(3) organization, donations to the BleacherFund can not be deducted as a charitable contribution.